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25.03.2014, 10:47

Gold Rush event days in full swing

Our Gold Rush event days are now in full swing with events at Crown Cash and Carry on 5th March, Dhamecha Wembley on 17th March and Dhamecha Enfield on 19th March.

25.03.2014, 09:38

Home Office scrap plans to abolish personal licenses

The Home Office have announced that it will not continue with plans to abolish personal alcohol licences in England and Wales. The proposal, originally put forward as part of the Government’s deregulation agenda, came up against strong opposition from the police and members of the industry, including the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS).

21.03.2014, 13:36

Drop Shipment and Support Services

The Today’s Group is pleased to present a directory of suppliers that provide retail and ‘drop shipment’ services to benefit independent businesses. The Group has negotiated excellent terms with suppliers to support businesses in improving the range of services that can be offered to customers to drive sales and reduce operating costs.

21.03.2014, 06:04

ACS says above inflation minimum wage rise ‘disappointing’

Business Secretary Vince Cable announced on 12th March that minimum wage is set to rise by 3% in October, accepting all of the Low Pay Commission’s recommendations.

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