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11.02.2014, 13:45

Stoneleigh 2014 exhibition opens on Monday 7th April

The Exhibition will be open from 10.00am – 5.30pm on Tuesday 8th April and 10.00am – 3.00pm on Wednesday 9th April.

03.02.2014, 09:54

Retailers get a helping hand with up to 60% POR at Today’s Group

Today’s Group is offering between 40-60% POR on own-brand lines in a promotional campaign that will help retailers to kick start New Year trading during the early part of the year.

02.02.2014, 16:44

‘Big Night In’ = Big Sales Out

After the over-indulgent festive season, it is not surprising that many people are choosing to stay in more. A huge proportion of those stock up for their ‘big night’ at convenience stores. So we’re offering some helpful tips on how to maximise sales and become the store to rely on.

16.01.2014, 16:40

Small pack cigarette ban may affect convenience stores

In what is claimed to be an attempt to stop young people smoking, public health campaigners are attempting to ban small packets of cigarettes, with the hope to make packs of 20 the minimum. In the UK almost a third of smokers buy packs of fewer than 20. Likewise just under half of Roll Your Own (RYO) tobacco is sold in quantities of less than 20g – but the ban would rule out these sales of RYO tobacco by making 20g the minimum.

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