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24.09.2013, 17:41

Underage Lottery sales

According to a report by the National Lottery Commision, underage Lottery sales has fallen from 7% to 5% in the past year which is great news. ACS however, are still urging retailers to remain vigilant against these sales as reports that of the under 16 playing the National Lottery, over half were reported to have bought their ticket at convenience stores or newsagents.

28.08.2013, 15:08

Today’s Retailer issue 5- prize draw winners

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the two tickets to Reading festival was Mr Milesh Amin from Southcote News in Reading, we hope you had a wonderful time!

23.08.2013, 15:43

Build your business with great customer service

Make sure brilliant customer service makes a difference to your bottom line by following the golden rules that keep your customers coming back for more…

21.08.2013, 16:00

Today’s Select products shortlisted for Wholesale Quality Food & Drink Awards

We are pleased to announce that five of Today’s Select own brand products have been shortlisted for the Wholesale Quality Food and Drink Awards 2013.

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