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19.08.2013, 16:17

Pearls of wisdom from our new Chairman

Mark Windebank is owner and managing director of Savage and Whitten, the largest independent wholesaler in Northern Ireland. Mark is a board member of Today’s Group and now takes over as our Chairman replacing the much respected Rodney Hunt. We caught up with our energetic new Chairman Mark Windebank to ask him about Today’s Group plans and to pick up some great business building advice for independent retailers.

19.08.2013, 16:15

Filshill encourages support from banks

Today’s Group member J.W. Filshill is urging banks to help to support independent retailers after their year profits were affected by debts.

19.08.2013, 16:03

Lotto prices set to double

Announced earlier on in the year, the price of a National Lottery ticket is set to rise from £1 to £2 per line from Saturday October 5th.

05.08.2013, 16:24

Join the Eid celebrations at your store

There are two Eid celebrations on the Islamic calendar – Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha – and both are big events for muslim communities in the UK and around the world.

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