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Please find below all the information required to assist you with Unitas Wholesale Own Brand trading.

Product Range

  • The Lifestyle Retail Core Range Top 55, is the minimum range we believe every member should be stocking (subject to licenses etc.) – Click here to view the range
  • We also have a dedicated range for out of home which can be viewed online – Click here to view the range
  • No 3 cigarettes are available direct from the manufacturer JTI


1. Excel format – this is split into 4 tabs, all products are available to all members – Click here to view member pricing

  • Licensed & Cigarettes
  • Caterers Kitchen – Catering & Foodservice Packs
  • Lifestyle, Lifestyle Value, LSV & Water – Retail

2. Downloadable PDF

These prices are subject to change and updated as required, communicated through the weekly bulletin. Invoices/pricing are shown on your Portal system – if you require further training, please do not hesitate to ask the central office.

SKU Analysis by Member

We have provided members with an individual SKU analysis highlighting, by member, the best next lines available that you currently do not stock

Further details can be found on the presentation link below. Members can open the excel and select either the foodservice or retail tab and scroll across to find their business and details on what lines they do and do not currently stock against a ranked list of our best sellers. The information on this web page then enables you to see pricing / SKU detail to consider stocking products that are currently gaps for you but other members are stocking.

Click here to view the full presentation with links to the SKU analysis by member – May 2021 figures or click here to access the SKU analysis file directly – Sept 2020 figures

Central payment

You will receive the payment cycle from accounts (Kieron Domeracki, kieron.domeracki@unitaswholesale.co.uk or James Hopkinson, james.hopkinson@unitaswholesale.co.uk) for all own brand suppliers.

Weekly Bulletin

As part of the weekly bulletin we regularly update members with the latest product, pricing and supplier news relating to our own brands. If you are not already on the email distribution list for our bulletin and would like to receive these weekly updates, please contact Amanda Barnard, amanda.barnard@unitaswholesale.co.uk.

Margin Support

Plus Retail and Foodservice members can also receive up to £2k per annum in additional support through stocking our own brand range. This is in line with their membership agreement and is subject to the number of lines stocked/suppliers ordered from on a quarterly basis.

Point of Sale / Product Images

A start up pack containing POS for Retail is available if required including posters and brochures. For this and any hard copies of our Retail or Foodservice brochures, please contact Matt Nuttall, matt.nutall@unitaswholesale.co.uk.

The full range of Unitas own brand images can be downloaded via this link, alternatively you can view the full range by clicking here for Catering / Foodservice or here for Retail.

Due Diligence & Crisis / Specifications / COSHH – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

Your name/company is already registered for the above procedure for communication purposes, if there is any urgent information that needs relaying you will receive this via our crisis system directly. You will also receive a password to our online product specification system run by MNGP where image/spec and COSH sheets are available as required online. These are also available via Erudus for which a log on can be arranged. If you need these re-setting please contact either Hilary Nithsdale, hilary.nithsdale@unitaswholesale.co.uk or Clive Wilson, clive.wilson@unitaswholesale.co.uk.

Contacts List

For the most up to date supplier contact details visit our TERMS platform here and following the steps below.

(Supplier Index, then in ‘Product Category Group’ click down to ‘Own Label’. Each supplier is in alphabetical order, click the required supplier then in ‘Trading Agreements’ click on ‘Supplier detail’).

Safeway Products

Should you wish to discuss any of the above in more detail, please contact for Retail, Hilary Nithsdale, hilary.nithsdale@unitaswholesale.co.uk on 07817 997021, or for Foodservice / Catering, Clive Wilson, clive.wilson@unitaswholesale.co.uk or 07788 633759.

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