Case size: 24

Pack size: 15

PMP: 95p

Directions for use:

Lay one or two firelighters, as required, on a thin layer of fuel or cinders. Cover the firelighters with small pieces of fuel, then build up to required level with larger pieces. Light the firelighter. Keep draught regulator half-closed until fuel is lit, then use full draught.    

Storage information:

Keep firelighters in a cool, dry place and away from naked flames, food, drink and animal feeding stuff.
Use only as directed.
Do not use on hots coals.
Store in original packaging away from direct heat and all sources of ignition.


Keep away from heat/ sparks/ open flames/ hot surfaces. No smoking.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not eat, drink  or smoke when using this product.
Contains: Kerosene (CAS 64742-81-0)

Additional information:

These firelighters are also suitable  for wood burners, chimineas, burn pits and bonfires.


WRAP – PLASTIC – not currently recycled
BOX – CARD – widely recycled


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