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A day in the life of Graeme Cooper

Graeme Cooper is Today’s Retail Business Development Manager for the south. When it comes to getting to know convenience store retailers, he is in a privileged position. He travels all over the south of England talking to store owners about Symbol Group membership and helping existing members increase turnover. We joined Graeme on the road to ask him how he supports the Today’s stores on his patch.

G_COOPER How do you help retailers who are thinking about becoming a Today’s Fascia Group store?

Very often they’re already a Today’s Retail Club member so they know a bit about us. I’ll talk them through where they are now and where they want to be. We’re different from other convenience store fascia groups. We don’t have minimum standards in terms of revenue or size of premises. We do everything we can to help every convenience store retailer move forward. Recently we helped a store increase their turnover by £5000 per week.

When a retailer signs up, what happens next?

We visit the store with re-fit plans, new layouts and visuals of the Today’s fascia. Sometimes we’ll project manage everything. Sometimes we’ll just advise on Today’s guidelines. We always respect a retailer’s independence. We give them freedom to choose their own shop-fitter or use ours. I work exclusively for the retailer, looking after their best interests and wishes at all times.

How do you help Retail Club members?

I visit them regularly. I ask them to look at their business from the outside – literally! I want them to compare their store front to a symbol group competitor down the road. Which shop looks best? Which one would they shop at? From there we come up with ways to improve their convenience store. They often ask about Symbol Group membership too so I’ll explain the benefits. Right now retailers want as much support as they can get. Today’s Symbol Group membership can make a huge difference to a shop’s fortunes.

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