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‘Big Night In’ = Big Sales Out

After the over-indulgent festive season, it is not surprising that many people are choosing to stay in more. A huge proportion of those stock up for their ‘big night’ at convenience stores. So we’re offering some helpful tips on how to maximise sales and become the store to rely on.

1. Stock the right range: Firstly make sure you’re stocking all the right products.

Confectionery is a big leader in sales when people are preparing for big nights in.

Savoury snacks and bites are also popular, so aim to stock sharing bags of crisps and nibbles.

Big night inIce cream can also drive sales, but bear in mind the season first, so in colder weather aim for luxury brands, and in the warmer months make sure you offer a wider range.

Alcohol and soft drinks are another must so again keep on top of seasonal trends. For example widen your range of cider in summer and stock up on special whiskeys at festive times. Beer and wine are favourites all year round.

Convenience meals that offer minimum preparation are also popular, especially amongst young adults. Stock up on Indian, Chinese and Tex Mex food and offer a range of pizzas too.

2. Timing is the key: It’s important to remember that ‘Big Night In’ occasions are most likely to take place at the end of the working week. Friday evening, as well as Saturday and Sunday, are the peak times that customers are planning to relax so make sure you have enough stock to last the weekend. It’s worth watching the local weather forecast as well – ‘wet and windy’ = ‘big night in’.

3. Special offers: Aim to have the right mixture of bargain special offers and value, as well as luxury special items. Check out the latest promotions from your Today’s wholesaler. Stock big brands to push sales and get behind new arrivals.

4. Be marketing savvy: Try and stay in the know about current big brand advertising and marketing campaigns, then feature them in your store. Competitions and prize draws always drive sales so advertise them in store. This will make your store a standout destination.

5. Catch their eye: Create eye-catching displays throughout your store to make buying easy. Make sure you display item by item e.g. All confectionery in one place

6. Remember festive occasions: Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Easter or New Year make sure you stock up in time and drive seasonal items. Have a yearly calendar so you can plan ahead and make the most from all occasions.

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