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Driving footfall in your store through services

As many of our retailer spotlight articles in Today’s Retailer have highlighted, offering additional services in your convenience store is a great way to drive footfall and ensure a loyal and repeat customer base within your community.

Footfall2By offering services that your competitors do not, such as a Post Office, PayPoint, Collect+, an ATM, Lotto, dry cleaning service, hot food, etc. you are establishing yourself as a destination for your customers to pay bills, pick up their dry cleaning, or parcels and so on. Making a visit more fruitful for them and increasing the chances of building a reliable and loyal customer base.

When deciding which services to offer in your convenience store, consider your local customer base; are they mostly students, young families, retired? Consider what services would be most appropriate for them and promote it with point of sale in your store to ensure the message is communicated to all who visit.

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is worth considering what you competitors offer and providing a point of difference to your customers.

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