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Lotto prices set to double

Announced earlier on in the year, the price of a National Lottery ticket is set to rise from £1 to £2 per line from Saturday October 5th.

The price increase, the first for the National Lottery since it began in 1994, is one of a number of changes in a bid to restructure the game. Other changes include a raffle with at least 50 guaranteed winners of £20,000 for each draw, increased prizes for matching 3 numbers and larger jackpots; £5 million on Saturday and £2.5 million on Wednesday.


“This is an ideal opportunity for retailers to really land the new game with their customers- particularly when, following the first draw, they come back in-store to check their tickets, only to be reminded we’re doing it all over again” says sales director, Duncan Malyon. He was also keen to assure those retailers who may be affected by the redeployment of Lottery terminals, saying “We will look at each store in isolation rather than take a blanket approach. There are sometimes extreme circumstances when a National Lottery retailer isn’t making minimum sales and we will take that into account.”

Read more about the changes.

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