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Make sure you’re prepared for the summer of sport

This year’s epic summer of sport season is now in full swing with the FIFA World Cup kicking things off, make sure you are prepared for the sales trends that will come with and merchandise to make the very most of your store.

world cup merch

1. Chilled selection. Make sure you have plenty of chilled beer, cider and wine in your fridges, customers will be looking to buy and drink right away so will be looking at your ready chilled selection.

2. Keep well stocked. Make a note of the late matches, your store will be open later but make sure your stocks remain well merchandised right until you close for those last minute purchases.

3. Link sales. Make your link sales as accessible as possible, put crisps and dips near the chilled beer

4. Outside living. Prepare for outdoor gatherings if the sun is shining by siting BBQs, fresh meat, salads and condiments all within easy reach

5. Create a buzz. Give your store some ambience with some in-store theatre and decorations, think flags and bunting to remind your busy customers to stock up

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