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Make sure you’re stocking medicines in your store this winter

After last year’s long cold winter it can come as no surprise that over the counter medicinal sales have soared.


Last winter saw us being ill all the way through to March, and we are already being warned that we can expect another harsh season this year, reinforcing the need for retailers to stock up on over the counter (OTC) medicines. Retail sales of OTC medicines are currently outperforming the sales of pharmacies, in fact the sale of winter remedies in impulse stores alone has grown 10.8% year on year. Convenience for shoppers is a huge factor here, yet astoundingly, statistics released by GSK Consumer Healthcare show that 11,000 independent retailers are overlooking big sale opportunities as they don’t stock any allergy treatments.*

With 40% of the population being allergy sufferers it seems there are further opportunities missed by some retailers who choose not to stock OTC medicines. A particularly notable trend in the market is that of topical painkillers that concentrate on the speed of relief. Medicated confectionery hits huge sales too as its £88m worth is growing at 1.5% a year.

*Information originally published in Retail Newsagent 18/10/2013

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