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Make your store a match for the multiples

You’re an independent convenience store retailer for a reason. You value your independence. But when times are tough and you face powerful competition from the big guys, it’s great to have some heavyweight help on your side. Teaming up with Today’s Group is a move many retailers describe as “the best business decision I’ve ever made”. With Today’s Group, you get the best of both worlds – the independence and freedom to make your own decisions plus the benefits of partnership with strong wholesalers and the best retail advice around

retailerToday’s Retail Club

As a Today’s Retail Club member, you’re one of a group of forward-thinking retailers of convenience stores with exclusive access to strong promotions on well-known branded food and non-food products. These are frequent (every 3 weeks) and well thought-out promotions designed to excite your customers and increase sales.

Crowd-pulling brands

All the big names are included. Retail Club deals cover a full range of grocery, impulse and licensed brands and each promotional period is supported by point of sale kits and leaflets. You’ll get everything you need to maximise sales.

 Today’s Symbol Group

Symbol Group membership takes the advantages of the Retail Club a big step further. The results can be business-transforming!

convenience storesLooking the part

Your convenience store will have a bright, modern fascia designed to instantly attract shoppers. Inside, they’ll be encouraged to linger longer thanks to a supremely well-designed interior courtesy of our store-redevelopment team – widely regarded as the best in the business.

Expert help on tap

As a Symbol Group member, you’ll also have access to another crucial advantage – expert advice from the Today’s Group support team. Every kind of resource is available for you and you convenience store, whenever you need it including detailed information on store layouts and range merchandising for dramatically increased sales.


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