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Plastic bag charge to be introduced in England

A 5p charge for plastic bags in England is to be introduced by the government in a bid to discourage their use. Beginning after the 2015 election, the charge will only apply to supermarkets and larger retailers and all proceeds will go to charity.

plastic bagsMinisters are said to be concerned at the environmental impact of the bags, particularly on waterborne animals.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said there was enthusiasm for the plans among major retailers but there had been opposition from government colleagues. He said he hoped any money raised by the levy would be donated to environmental charities.

Andy Walker from the campaign group, Keep Britain Tidy, said that free plastic bags came with a “cost to the environment”.

“Our supporters up and down the country end up cleaning bags from water courses, from beaches, from the High Street… so we believe it’ll reduce the incidence of bags there,” he said.

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Image source: BBC

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