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Retailers get a helping hand with up to 60% POR at Today’s Group

Today’s Group is offering between 40-60% POR on own-brand lines in a promotional campaign that will help retailers to kick start New Year trading during the early part of the year.


Managing director, Bill Laird, said: “January is when post-Christmas credit card and utility bills hit peoples’ door steps. For retailers, the situation is even tougher; they face pressure on both a domestic and a business front, particularly as shoppers reign back their spending.”

Starting on January 27th Today’s brands Margin Maker activity will offer 40% POR on products from the award-winning Select brand, which covers quality core food lines and 60% POR on three Blue Stone Spring mineral water lines.

Margin Maker is backed by a heavy-weight trade media campaign which will highlight the lines on offer. Retailers will be further supported with in store point of sale posters and shelf talkers to raise awareness of the promotional lines in their stores.

The initiative is expected to help retailers who shop at Today’s Group wholesalers to consolidate their own-brand ranges. “Previously, retailers have used our wholesale members for their branded shop, but have gone elsewhere for own-label lines because we didn’t have a strong range to offer. However, now we do and we’re encouraging them to make the switch to ‘their’ brand” by buying Today’s Select and ESSENTIALS ranges from our Today’s member wholesalers, said Laird.

As the UK’s largest independent buying group, with purchasing power of over £5.7bn, big brands play a key role at Today’s Group, the addition of the own brands offer helps the business to better support its retailers. “Our ideal day is when retailers use our members for their key brands as well as the Today’s own-brand proposition.”

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