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Soft drinks in demand this Christmas

As shoppers across the country stock up on Christmas food and drink essentials it’s suggested that soft drinks are a key category which customers are more than happy to spend the extra penny on.

Having a fully stocked and merchandised soft drinks range during December shouldn’t be overlooked by convenience store owners. Last year, c-store sales accounted for over a third (36%) of total soft drinks sales during the festive period and retailers should work to top that this year.

Store owner Susan Connolly suggests that “people are more likely to trade up to premium drinks at Christmas because of the festive spirit” and with this in mind retailers should pull out all the stops to maximise their soft drink sales.

Suggested tips include;

  • Stocking products with special or seasonal packaging
  • Merchandising soft drinks together with alcohol to increase cross – selling
  • Stocking larger size bottles and multipacks
  • Promoting soft drinks by making use of festive POS
  • Stocking well-known brands
  • Taking note of any regional preferences

By taking into account these crucial tips retailers can increase their seasonal sales this Christmas.

Source >> Convenience Store

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