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Summer Merchandising and Snacking – top tips from Today’s Group

With free school lunches being introduced last September for English children, parents have been making an approx. saving of £400 per annum…snacking image

This change, although positive for many parents, has left many food and drink brands that rely on children’s’ lunch occasions to make sales struggling. With 149 million fewer lunchboxes, it’s clear the market is being affected.

“The largest decline in lunchbox occasions has been for children aged between five and nine, however research shows there has been a 13% increase in the consumption of afternoon snacks”, says Laura Smith, category director at brand owner Kerry Foods.

This industry has seen brands moving towards afternoon snacking as another highly lucrative sector. Encouraging an increase in impulse buys and snacking products, this move has left retailers with greater choice than ever from a variety of ranges. Using our top tips below, make sure your store keeps afternoon snackers coming back for more:

  1. Keep your snacks at key locations in the store. Front of store, by the till has always been a popular place for snacks. Make sure sweets, crisps and other impulse buys are easy to reach for little hands. Although children will be benefitting from healthy free school meals, parents are likely to buy them little treats after school.
  2. Healthy snacking is increasingly popular. Gone are the days when parents would fill lunchboxes with confectionary. Due to focus on childhood obesity, parents are looking for healthy snacks as well as impulse buys. This awareness has fed into the adult food consumption with parents feeding both themselves and their children, healthier food. Make sure your breakfast bars and biscuits are in clear view of the till or merchandised near to the impulse snacks, giving your customer the option to choose a pre-work/lunchtime chocolate bar, or something healthier.
  3. Stay aware of the weather. Although healthy eating in education has taken Britain by storm, it’s important to remember that a sunny day will encourage even the healthiest to have an ice cream. Make sure your freezers are fully stocked at this

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