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Top 10 tips for boosting alcohol sales over the festive period

We all know that customers buy more alcohol over the festive period; follow these tips to ensure you make the most of these increased sales by offering your customers exactly what they want.

Offer speciality products

Luxury drinks are often high up on the shopping list of festive shoppers, for example fine wines, malt whiskeys and premium spirits. Make sure you have plenty in stock in the run up to the New Year.

Stock product with festive packaging

Look out for seasonal designs or special editions of drinks, such as Smirnoff Gold Vodka or Premium Whiskey Selection Packs. These kinds of drinks will have a higher appeal to your customers who are looking to spend a bit more or try something new during the festive period.

Think variety  

Make sure that you have a wide variety of alcohol that will appeal to a large number of people – men, women, younger and older drinkers. That way you are appealing to all target audiences and increasing the desirability of your store.


Surveys show that customers want stores to ‘be brought to life’ during the festivities with decorations and displays. Decorate your store but not too early- December is an appropriate time to start.


Easy shopping

Leading premium drinks company Diageo GB suggests that you should rearrange the usual layout of your store – by bringing spirits out from behind the counter and introducing them onto shop shelves and promotional stands. Doing this will create an easier shopping experience and allow your customers to browse freely -encouraging them to try a new or higher end product.


Have your best-selling brands and products that you want to promote at the eye-level of customers in order to generate more sales of these products.


Make sure that your customers are clearly aware of your promotions – without being too in-your-face or making your store cluttered. Many shoppers are going to be looking for the best deals therefore it is essential that you can provide great offers, particularly on alcohol.

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Stock up!

It is crucial that you have enough stock over the seasonal period- make sure that you do your very best not to run out of stock as shoppers will be purchasing alcohol up until the very last minute.

Size Matters

Multipacks and larger bottles tend to be a lot more popular over this time of year- as they are perfect for parties and family gatherings. Try to promote these larger packs as shoppers are usually happy to increase their expenditure and it will help to maximise sales over the festive period.

Happy Customers

Happy customers means more sales – make sure you are responsive to your customers and go the extra mile for them over the seasonal period. Ensure your staff provide excellent customer service and are knowledgeable about the products you are selling.


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