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Unitas Wholesale recognised with Grocery Aid Silver award

Unitas Wholesale is proud to have been recognised for its support to Charity Partner Grocery Aid during 2020, after being announced as a Silver Award winner.

A Silver award is given in recognition of the incredible backing the charity receives from the organisation.  Without it, grocery colleagues would not have access to the emotional, financial and practical help they deserve when times get tough.

In order to attain a Silver award, winners have to provide support across two of the charities three critical pillars and have participated in six activities.

Grocery Aid was established over 160 years ago to provide emotional, practical and financial support for grocery people. Today that support manifests itself in a number of ways:

  • Financial support if a retailer is struggling which could be one-off non-repayable crisis grants, or longer term financial assistance depending on circumstances and the length of service in the industry
  • Emotional support and advice which can be accessed through a 24/7 freephone helpline and website
  • Health and Well-being support – in the form of self-help information including fact sheets and guided self-learning modules
  • Covid-19 Fund – established to provide enhanced support during this unprecedented period
  • Covid-19 Advice and Support
  • Mental Well-being young people

We are also represented on the Independent Retail Steering Group (IRSG) by Anita Oakhill, the group has been tasked to raise awareness of Grocery Aid amongst independent retailers nationwide, listed below are some of the activities that have taken place via Unitas Wholesale since the steering group was established last November:

  • Multiple communications including A5 information cards, posters and contact detail cards to symbol and retail club stores via POS boxes
  • Full page feature in our digital magazine InStore reaching 8k independent retailers
  • The use of our social media platforms and websites to continually raise the profile of Grocery Aid
  • Reciprocal links to the Grocery Aid website from our own platforms

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