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Discover the benefits of partnering with the UK largest wholesale services company and start growing your brand today!

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With a turnover exceeding £8.5bn and 173 wholesale members, Unitas Wholesale is the UK’s largest wholesale services company and prides itself on being the champion of independents and the champion of brands.


Our vision is simple: as your first choice business partner, we offer an up scaled group with greater efficiency and effectiveness providing suppliers with an alternative route to market and a sustainable business partner, helping them to save more and sell more.


Key to building long term relationships with supplier partners is our supplier council which meets quarterly to gather feedback from the wider supplier community. Supplier council contacts and frame of reference and governance can be viewed here.


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Our Supplier Partnerships

Discover what makes a winning partnership with Unitas.

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Supplier Council

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Unitas Data Service

Make your data sing with Alchemy from TWC, the markets leading reporting tool.

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Point of Sale

Utilise the Unitas POS generator to print your own in-depot POS.

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Brand Box

Discover how our new initiative can help grow your on-shelf distribution.

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Your first choice business partner

Promoting mutual growth

"Over recent years it has become quite noticeable to me that the quality of discussion from members has advanced from short term deals to identifying longer term mutual growth. This is a credit to both Today’s central office and the wider membership."
Jim Hansen, Nestle UK

"Last years Trade Show was a great opportunity for us to meet all members in one place, which was cost effective and allowed us to deliver our full year plan in a more open and informal business surrounding. With the orders I have received so far, we have already exceeded last year’s impressive sales!"
Andy Stayley, KP Snacks

Unitas Wholesale