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Another huge win for Day Today, Bourtreehill!

Day Today, Boutreehill celebrate their 4th win this year, becoming ‘Convenience Retailer of the Year’ at last night’s Scottish Asian & Business Awards!

Winning 4 awards in the past year, Store Owner, Imran Ali saw potential in a derelict former Co-op store that had been closed for eight months and transformed it into “a retail oasis” at the heart of a 4,000-house council estate.  Ali has overcome the challenges of starting a business, regenerating a building and beating competition.

With a grand opening featuring wine tasting, free cakes to take home, children’s entertainment and a local henna artist, Ali was quick to get local attention and gain customer loyalty.

A key component to the store’s success is the passionate and enthusiastic team of thirty. The Bourtreehill store has provided a range of fundamental services for their local community and created “a unique shopping atmosphere unlike any other store” – the store even has a soft-play area for children while their parents shop.

The store’s customer service, in-store theatre, specialist counters, competitions and social media to engage with the local community, and range have all been highly praised. We look forward to seeing what they have in store for the future!

What’s Imran’s key to success?
“It’s just about being open minded and adapting to customer needs and changes. And don’t be scared to try new things.”

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