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Big Night In: How to promote stock for stay at home nights

eating-front-tv-400x400As the long nights draw in, consumers spend more and more time snuggled up on the sofa watching television.

The run up to Christmas can be a lucrative time for retailers due to the various celebrations in the festive calendar, however since the financial crash, many consumers are swapping nights out for nights in.

This group of consumers has become increasingly influential on product sales, helping retailers maximise on top-up purchases and last-minute buys.

For retailers, this has seen a shift in store layouts and the promotion of certain goods, with many offering consumers’ quick pick-ups of boxed chocolates, sharing snack bags and some alcohol promotions in view of the checkout.

Products that were once impulse buys, have now become part of a consumer’s shopping list when preparing for a night in with friends. Although economic recovery has been steady since the recession, many people are now choosing to stay at home rather than head to bars and clubs at the weekend. For many consumers, this is seen as a way of sticking to allocated budgets, rather than fighting the temptation to overspend whilst out.

Seasonally, the weather and run up to Christmas have already played a big part in this decision for consumers, who see the dark nights and rain as a key drawback to heading out. Similarly, with the ever-nearing festive season, consumers are beginning to prepare and save for the celebrations, rather than regularly spending.

For wholesalers, this move to ‘nights in’ heightens the importance of alcohol, soft drinks and confectionery in depot. To encourage retailers to buy these products and benefit from their increased consumption, front-of-depot cross-category merchandising draws attention to the sales opportunity.

Des Brown, Business and Development Manager from Today’s Member Wholesaler, Thames Cash and Carry highlighted the growth of big night in product ranges, “big night in has changed a lot since the concept first arrived when it was simply about watching a video with the family. Today it could be watching Strictly Come Dancing or The X Factor or a big sporting event.”

“Booze is a big driver- beer and rose wine – but so are soft drinks, for the kids and for mixers. Boxed cconfectioneryalso sells well for this occasion.”

By encouraging retailers to make the most of the confectionery, soft drinks and alcohol categories, wholesalers will help push sales both in depot and in turn, to the end consumer in store.


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