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Build your business with great customer service

Make sure brilliant customer service makes a difference to your bottom line by following the golden rules that keep your customers coming back for more…

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People notice and respect integrity.

Always give your customers honest advice about products and avoid using pressure-selling techniques. Your customers will love you for it.

You’re the boss!

Great service starts with you. Take a top-down approach to looking after your customers and your staff will follow your example. Train them well and make your shop famous for its warm welcome and second to none customer care.

Great service starts with you

Assess the quality of your customer service on an on-going basis. Ask your customers for feedback. Have regular meetings with your staff. Find out what people think.

Make your customers feel special

This is powerful. Do something to say thank you to your customers for their business. Give them a reward or a discount. Invite them to a tasting. Show them they matter to you.

Empower your staff

Don’t try and do everything. Empower your team to make customer service decisions so they can get things sorted faster. Your customers will appreciate it.

Create a community

Think of your depot as a community. Treat your staff like family members and reward them for their hard work. Happy staff make happy customers.

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