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Could we soon be seeing a legislation banning high sugar content promotions?

With the sugar debate in full swing following chef Jamie Oliver’s campaign which begun earlier this year, recent research suggests retailers may in the future have to face new legislations surrounding the way high sugar content products are marketed.

A recent poll found almost half of consumers (43%) would be willing to back a legislation to ban retailers from having price promotions and bulk buy deals on any food or drink with a high sugar content. With such categories very commonly on promotion in many stores, a legislation of its sort could have a huge impact on retailers.

Even more surprising is what the poll found surrounding the packaging of high sugar content products. A massive 62% of consumers surveyed admitted they thought food and drink manufacturers purposely made it difficult for them to work out the real sugar content in many products. The implications here suggest that in the future a lot more emphasis will need to be put on supplying food and drink with more honest and easy to read packaging.

With Alison Puente, head of corporate communications at Finn PR who commissioned the poll, stating that “consumers clearly believe the way products are marketed is going to have a much bigger impact on the amount of sugar people consume” it seems that the sugar debate may not only affect manufacturers but may additionally have an impact on retailers.

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