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Dee Bee Cash and Carry supports Today’s Group Initiative

Today’s Group member wholesaler Dee Bee Cash and Carry in Grimsby has added links from their website to the Today’s Group website, Today’s Retailer magazine and Today’s Plan for Profit website to help their retailers find these on-line tools easily. Dee Bees believe that by lending a helping hand to their retailers, they enhance their relationship and develop a great level of trust.

Dee Bees

Here is what Craig O’Connor, Managing Director Today’s Group member wholesaler Dee Bees cash and carry had to say;

“The Dee Bee cash and carry website has had retailer ‘information’ tabs for some time now. We currently promote Plan for Profit which we believe is a fantastic initiative from Today’s with a large number of our retailers using it on a regular basis. The POR generator and POS creation have been well received by retailers of all store formats and size.

We also promote Todays Retailer, which offers advice on best practice and informs retailers of new product developments, market trends, current promotional activity and indispensable industry advice, with the click of a button!

As a Group we need more retailers to embrace the support through technology that Today’s provide. ‘Tomorrows Technology Today’ is our ethos to our customers!

We would encourage all wholesalers to add these three vital links to their websites and add links to Today’s Facebook and Twitter accounts too.”


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