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Exciting times ahead for Today’s retailers

At our 2014 Group Conference in Rome, we were pleased to be able to announce our twelve month plan in line with our retail offering.

exciting Our symbol store offering is currently at just over 400 stores, demonstrating a 14% increase over the past twelve months. We are planning for this rise to continue and aim to be at 500 stores in a year’s time. We are also aiming to increase our retail club membership from 1600 to 2000 in the same timeframe.

Managing director Bill Laird said that while the market place is shrinking, the convenience sector has grown by 14% since 2009, symbol has grown by 18% and unaffiliated stores have declined by 5% and wholesalers are raising their game.

We were also pleased to report that our own brand ranges are performing very well and we plan to expand our offering to 180-200 lines over the next year.

Retail director John Kinney reported that the convenience market has grown 5% in the past year and that 75% of retailers are optimistic about the trading year ahead. He quoted that this was “a great opportunity for wholesalers.”

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Our new website is on its way…

Following the exciting news that Today’s Group and Landmark Wholesale have merged to form Unitas Wholesale, we are busy developing a brand-new website, which we’re looking forward to sharing with you soon.

In the meantime, you can access the existing Today’s Group and Landmark Wholesale websites by clicking on the links below: