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In-depot service: how to keep your retailers satisfied

The key business aim of many wholesalers is to provide a fantastic range of products to retailers. However, delivering great customer service is also part of the equation, with new findings from the Wholesale Research project backing these claims.

Many of our retailers took placindepot service pice in this year’s project, conducted by Him! Questions focused on three areas of wholesaler retailer relations; purchasing decisions, buying behaviours and implementation and review, with answers revealing how retailers make key buying decisions.

The study found that when wholesale staff gave retailers advice or information face to face, in-depot engagement was higher, helping wholesale depots become a trusted destination for retailers.

Currently, 80% of retailers shop at more than one depot per week, therefore a key aim for wholesalers is to encourage a growth in this depot loyalty and benefit from the bigger spend. Retailers suggested that once in-depot, they like to see a good range of quality products, supported by helpful and attentive staff members. Ensuring your staff can answer a variety of questions about your products to reinforce your service is one way of keeping retailers satisfied.

One clear area of interest for retailers is the availability of soft drinks, tobacco, snacks and confectionary. Encourage retailer loyalty by clearly showcasing key categories like these in-depot. 70% of retailers only venture down the aisles they need products from, therefore the location of new products is vital to ensure good sales.

Finally, Retailers suggested that they would like to see an improvement in the level of category advice on alcohol and top product sellers. This would increase their satisfaction when shopping in depot, encouraging more sales and helping your depot become a key destination for retailers.


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