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Increasing demand for pre-school category

With a high percentage of convenience store shoppers visiting stores with their young children in tow, retailers should be tapping into this demographic by stocking up on key categories.

The baby boom which came into play during the recession has meant that there are currently a high number of parents with young children to shop for. Currently there are 34% of convenience store shoppers who have a child or children aged 0-5 meaning demand for the pre-school category is high.

Popular items in the category include nappies, baby food, snacks and wipes, all of which are notably essential for younger children and could provide smaller convenience stores with a steady, reliable source of custom.

Research from Mintel tells us that parents favour buying such products in-store as opposed to online which again is great news for convenience store owners as often a quick essential purchase can lead to an increased basket spend.

Specific actions retailers can take in order to attract parents:

  • Stock branded items. Parents often won’t be willing to try out a product on their child unless they have heard of and trust the brand. However, this becomes less important the bigger the family gets, so stocking a quality own brand alternative is essential too. Discover more about Today’s Select for Baby range here >>
  • Group items together. Creating a baby/child fixture in store means parents may be more inclined to purchase multiple items.
  • Utilise promotions. Parents will often purchase products they feel are good value for money so offering deals can help to persuade them to buy.

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