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Independent research backs own label brands

Research and consultancy agency Him! has released research highlighting that own label brands should be stocked by retailers to stay relevant in the marketplace.

The current market has seen the rise of the value-savvy shopper, the customer looking for good quality products at a variety of price points. The economic climate has helped the increase in numbers of these consumers, leading retailers to stock a wider range of products from own label to well-known brands.

Own-label shoppers are also more likely to take notice of in store offers, with 46% of them recalling seeing promotional material during their store visit, in comparison with 30% of all shoppers.Independent research pic

Customers who buy own label on average spend 32% more in convenience stores and buy four items more on each visit to store. Historically own brand products are linked to competitive pricing, however increasingly consumers are choosing own label due to their great quality and taste. This is in part due to the UK’s own label market being one of the most well-developed in Europe, allowing own brand products to compete with and, in some instances, out-perform
branded goods.

However, Him! advises viewing the relationship between own brand and recognised brands as intrinsically linked; both ranges can support sales of the other and can ultimately encourage bigger spends. The various ranges should complement each other in store in order to drive incremental purchases.

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