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Is compare the wholesaler on the horizon?

A compare the wholesaler website could be reality in the near future, offering customers an opportunity to compare the best prices and real time deals over a host of potential wholesalers.

Compare the wholesaler

Price-comparison sites have had a huge impact on consumer shopping of late, making it easier than ever for anyone – from your brother to your gran – to be price-savvy. From insurance to supermarkets, more and more industries are comparable online.

Supermarkets have embraced the change, with competition hotting up to offer instant price-matching and money-off vouchers at the till, inspiring fantastic customer loyalty.

One sector that price comparison sites has not yet affected is wholesale; with no price comparison tools for caterers or retailers to effectively compare real time deals and prices across a number of different wholesale and cash and carry depots.

With such a huge opportunity at stake, there are of course contenders on the rise; the most recent being comparethe¬≠wholesaler.com. The site, which is set to go live in August, promises to compare prices of the top brands at the leading wholesalers and cash and carries, and make it ‘simple for independent convenience store retailers and traders to find the biggest brands at the best price’.

First appeared in Better Wholesaling Magazine.

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