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John Mills to leave Unitas

When Landmark Wholesale and Today’s Group merged in November 2018, the role of Deputy Managing Director was created to manage the integration between the two businesses.
Now that Unitas Wholesale has completed a full year’s trading, Deputy Managing Director John Mills will be leaving the company at the end of 2019.
“The integration has been effectively managed and Unitas is making great progress with both member and supplier feedback being positive,” said Darren Goldney, Unitas Wholesale Managing Director. “The group has excellent members, is engaging with more suppliers than ever before, and is growing both capabilities and sales.
“John has been a massive part of our success to date and I’d like to personally thank him for his contribution and wish him the very best for the future. He has shown brilliant leadership and teamwork and will be hugely missed.”
John Kinney, currently Retail Director, will becomes Sales and Marketing Director, effective as of 1 Jan 2020.

“Unitas is in good shape and good hands,” said John Mills. “The executive team led by Darren is experienced and passionate about supporting our members to be competitive in a tough and uncertain market. I wish them, our members and our suppliers every success in the future.”


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