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Joint venture for JW Filshill

Innovation within the Scottish convenience store sector continues to pick up pace with the arrival of a new, jointly branded Clydebank Co-operative Society/KeyStore fascia in Glasgow’s West End.

The store in Knightswood, previously trading as Spar for over 20 years, is a groundbreaking collaboration between Clydebank Co-operative Society and leading delivered wholesaler JW Filshill, owner of the KeyStore brand. Plans for the joint venture were unveiled earlier this summer and already both parties see scope for further developing the partnership.

ian and robert11 - exterior Robert Sider, chief executive of Clydebank Co-operative Society, said: “What we’re doing is offering shoppers the type of tailored convenience service the area’s been crying out for. Working with JW Filshill, we’ve ramped up standards across the board – the result is a pristine convenience store, a range much more suited to local needs and great customer service from a highly experienced team.

“There is no doubt that this is a significant departure from our current supply line of the Co-operative Group – and quite controversial,” he continued. “However, KeyStore offers a wider product range that is much more suited to convenience trading and because we can also source more Scottish products via Filshill, it’s a better fit for the local area.”

With a long history of tradition and innovation within its wider business, Clydebank Co-operative Society has been keen to explore ways of improving its convenience offer for some time, as Sider explained: “We first spoke to Filshill about a joint venture almost three years ago because we felt there was an opportunity to work collaboratively with a like-minded company to rejuvenate neighbourhood retailing in Scotland.

“There’s a lot of innovation in our sector but we were keen to find a forward-thinking partner with more experience than us in convenience to help bring our idea for a jointly branded store to fruition,” he continued. “We were always convinced that Filshill was the ideal collaborator and we’re delighted with the end result. It’s very much an evolution within our food business and, indeed, co-operative circles.”

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