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Mark Windebank shares his views on marketing

Talking to Better Wholesaling magazine, Today’s Group Chairman and Managing Director of Savage and Whitten, Mark Windebank shared his perspective on marketing in the wholesaler market.

Mark WindebankFrom sales reps to online presence, from TV and radio advertising campaigns to trade events, there certainly is a plethora of opportunities to communicate with your customers; both potential and existing. 

According to research conducted by HIM! consulting, less than 50% of customers rated their wholesaler as more than eight out of ten for communication. This allows ample room for improvement but which strategy to adopt will depend largely on the type of depot and customer base you have.

With Windebank reporting that 40% of Savage and Whitten sales are now completed through their website and Chris Kewley, commercial director of Agrimark Cash and Carry reporting that their main method of communication with customers is now online, perhaps it’s time you considered your marketing strategy?

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