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Maxxium report predicts £280m growth in spirit category

Maxxium story image 290 x 141According to a recent report by Maxxium, spirits have the potential to be worth an extra £280m to the convenience channel.

Sprits account for £1.1bn (20%) of all alcohol sales, compared to £2.7bn (26.6%) of grocery sales. By working to equal out these sales, Maxxium predicts that an extra £300m worth of business could be generated in c-stores.

To support these claims, Maxxium have launched a guide to improving spirits profits in the impulse channel. Entitled ‘Know Your Store’, the booklet suggests that retailers could earn up to £5,699 per year by converting 10 shoppers per week into spirit buyers.

The guide includes advice on understanding the profile of your shoppers, stocking an appropriate range and merchandising to promote spirit sales.

Retailers who would like to obtain a ‘Know Your Store’ booklet should email their store’s full postal address and details to: knowyourstore@maxxium.com.



Source: The Grocer

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