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New government grant and what it could mean for Scottish convenience store owners

With energy prices continuing to rise its likely Scottish retailers will welcome the chance to take advantage of the new Convenience Store Resource Efficiency Grant for which the government has set aside £100,000.

The grant, which is being managed by Zero Waste Scotland, has been put in place in order to assist retailers in becoming more energy efficient and reducing their energy bills. Convenience store owners across Scotland will be given the opportunity to put themselves forward for a £5,000 grant which is to be used for purchasing energy saving equipment such as LED lights, chiller doors and more.

The Scottish Grocer’s Federation (SGF) Chief Executive, Pete Cheema, emphasises how valuable to retailers the grant will be as he claims the “funds will help convenience store retailers lead the way in terms of reducing carbon emissions”. Beyond this Pete urges SGF members to apply for the grant as he highlights what it means for the whole of Scotland in terms of helping the country to become an “environmentally sustainable society”.

The grant comes as part of the Resource Efficient Scotland programme which is also offering free, specialised support to retailers who are thinking of upgrading their equipment to become more energy efficient. The full range of services the programme is offering can be found here.

To qualify for the grant retailers must be registered, operating in Scotland and have a sales area of less than 3,000 sq ft. It is recommended that anyone wishing to apply gets their application in 6 weeks before the installation deadline of March 6th.

With the possibility of a further phase of funding becoming available in the new financial year it seems more and more retailers will be able to increase their energy efficiency rating.


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