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Own brand alcohol is a top choice for consumers

Todays_cider_290x141The alcoholic beverages market is changing rapidly, with many consumers now opting for price-marked, own label products over the better known brands.

The consumer split between alcoholic beverages is substantial, with many favouring the ever-growing craft beer and specialist spirits. However, a large proportion of consumers are regularly purchasing own brand alcohol in an attempt to enjoy alcoholic beverages at a more competitive price.

Mintel recently reported that consumers are still drinking more at home than at the pub. Around six in 10 (57%) of adults drink alcohol at home at least once a week, with many choosing a good quality, but better value product from own brand ranges.

This turn to own brand alcohol is also evident in the cider market, with four out of 10 (41%) consumers who drink alcohol at home, choosing to drink cider. This rise in cider’s popularity, now makes the beverage almost as popular as larger (50%) for home consumption.

Many argue that this increase is also due to cider’s widening market, offering consumers a spectrum of flavours for recreational drinking, but also as an accompaniment to meals, acting as a food-matching drink.

Its versatility makes cider a key product within depot and store, offering retailers the opportunity to market the beverage next to evening meal deals or promote offers to encourage link sales.

Today’s Group Amberdown range offers both white and dry cider, offering consumers a competitively priced own brand product.

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As we head into the winter months, it’s unlikely that the move towards recreational drinking in the home will change, so keep abreast of consumer preferences by offering a variety of alcoholic beverages at varied price points in store.


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