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Your first choice business partner

“Unitas is instrumental in our success. Its Board of Directors includes some of the most successful, experienced and entrepreneurial wholesalers in the country. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this?” 

Asim Sarwar, United Wholesale (Scotland)

Here are just some of the reasons why our independent wholesale members consider Unitas Wholesale to be their first-choice business partner.

We have scale

Our family of wholesale members represent a combined buying power in excess of £, making Unitas Wholesale the largest independent wholesale buying group in the UK. Our strength in both numbers and volume allows us to negotiate the strongest deals and most competitive prices to deliver unrivalled benefits for our wholesale members and their customers.

We are diverse

We are the most diverse group of its kind in the industry with our members representing cash and carry and delivered wholesalers operating across retail, foodservice, on-trade and specialist market sectors. As recognised multi-channel experts we are able to offer tailored business benefits that specialist groups simply cannot.

We are independent

We fully recognise the importance of independence. We know you want to make your own business decisions, and, as a member of Unitas Wholesale you can run your business your way but with the benefits of the best support in the business. Our trading terms, insight, expertise and Central Office services will enable you to compete effectively in an ever-evolving wholesale landscape.

We invest

We are constantly investing in new technologies to enhance the efficiencies of our business and provide members with the tools to make swift, informed and astute commercial decisions.

As technology moves forward so too does the way in which we communicate with our members. Our weekly digital bulletin featuring the latest supplier and industry news, and our online Bolt training modules, are just some of the ways we communicate bite-size invaluable industry information at a time when everyone is time pressured.

We promote you

From our comprehensive calendar of annual wholesale events through to our retailer and foodservice magazines, we provide our members with plentiful opportunities to showcase their business to existing and potential customers.

Through our packed promotional programme, which includes deal brochures personalised to wholesaler depots, digital capabilities such as the Plan for Profit app, we have created more than 1.5 million opportunities to promote your business.

If you’re as passionate about independent wholesaling as we are then what are you waiting for?

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