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Plan for Profit Grocery, Non Food, Chilled & Frozen 2021/22 category guidance available NOW

The first in the 2021/22 series of Plan for Profit category guides is now available for independent retailers online and in selected Unitas Wholesale member depots.

The new guidance features the Plan for Profit core range and identifies the best sellers within the category for stores with limited space. Within the guide, retailers will also find the featured planograms which contain all the core range products, those with larger stores can view the Plan for Profit extended range and larger planograms via the Plan for Profit website and app.

Working with our supporting category experts, we are also able to provide key category insights through the new guide to help independent retailers better understand the world foods and cooking sauces, snack meals, desserts and preserves, hot beverages, breakfast cereals, biscuits, household & laundry, toiletries, baby care, pet care categories.

Plan for Profit Category Controller, Tracey Redfearn, explains further how the new edition of Plan for Profit help independent retailers in light of recent changes to consumer shopping habits “The increase in consumers working from home has driven the rise in in-home consumption across many categories, this trend has resulted in retailers increasing space to accommodate take home and larger family packs in the drinks & snacks fixtures, which is reflected in the updated guidance. The new guide also highlights the key opportunities within the pet care category in line with the increase in sales of pet treats and premium pet food.”

Digital versions of the guide are available to view and download via the Plan for Profit website and app; visit www.planforprofit.co.uk or search ‘Plan for Profit’ to download the app from your preferred app store.

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