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NEW for 2018 – Today’s Plan for Profit Impulse Category Guide – OUT NOW!

As part of the Plan for Profit 2018 re-launch the Today’s Group has made a number of changes to how the core range is presented. To give each category a more in-depth focus the original guide has been split into three separate booklets, with the first in the series focusing on the core and extended range for the Impulse category.

NEW Plan for Profit Impulse Category Guide Features

The guide has been compiled from information from our supplier partners, industry experts and our wholesalers, and includes a full listing of key products retailers are advised to stock in order to maximise sales and profits within the Impulse category. Guidance is also included on an extended range beyond the core for those stores that have the space to stock a wider range of products.
Key category insights are included to help retailers better understand and grow their ‘Protein’, ‘Confectionery’, ‘Crisp, Snacks & Nuts’ and ‘Soft Drinks’ categories in store.
The guide also includes features on Sugar Reduction in Confectionery and the Soft Drinks Sugar Levy to help retailers prepare for the impact these changes will have on their businesses.
Accessing Plan for Profit
• NEW printed brochures of the Plan for Profit Impulse Category Guide are available in selected Today’s Group member depots
• An online version of the guide and the core and extended product range can be accessed at www.todaysplanforprofit.com
• The new ‘Today’s Plan for Profit’ app will be available from April 2018
The ‘Grocery and Chill & Freeze’ and ‘Licensed & Tobacco’ editions of the booklets will be issued in the summer and autumn of 2018 respectively, and in doing so will ensure the categories are as up to date as possible and relevant to the key trading and seasonal times of the year.

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Our new website is on its way…

Following the exciting news that Today’s Group and Landmark Wholesale have merged to form Unitas Wholesale, we are busy developing a brand-new website, which we’re looking forward to sharing with you soon.

In the meantime, you can access the existing Today’s Group and Landmark Wholesale websites by clicking on the links below: