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Pricecheck continues growth following the introduction of new categories

International wholesale and distribution business, Pricecheck, is enjoying continued success following the introduction of new product categories in the last year. The business recently recorded an annual turnover of £54.7m for 2016-17, representing an £11.1m increase on the previous year.

Business Development Director, Chris Roberts has helped to successfully introduce new categories into the business such as food, drinks, confectionery and pet care. Chris said: “It’s been a phenomenal year in terms of growth for the business, thanks to the introduction of our new product categories. He continued: “We’ve only been dealing with pet food and accessories for around a year now, but we have already seen sales figures go above and beyond what we originally predicted for this category. We believe that our success in food, drinks, confectionery and pet care will only continue to grow further, enabling us to introduce even more new categories for our customers, as well as developing our existing product range.”

One major appeal to manufacturers is the careful control of their brands offered by Pricecheck’s bespoke software systems and in-house IT support. The firm’s IT Manager Richard Thompson said: “As our customer base has grown, manufacturers need to be confident that we can fully control where their stock is sent while maintaining their brand values. For example, some manufacturers don’t want their products to be sold overseas. My team have therefore developed a system that enables controls to be applied to a product code to prevent it being offered somewhere that it shouldn’t. This allows us to 100% guarantee that a product won’t appear in a territory which a manufacturer has highlighted to us.”

This level of stock control has proved popular with a number of brand owners around the world and Chris is keen to open up new accounts with customers who could benefit from Pricecheck’s unique approach “We’re trading with more international customers than ever before, exporting to over 75 different countries across the world. In order to continue this growth, we are looking at opening up new accounts with some of the world’s leading food, drink and pet care manufacturers, as well as developing and expanding our other product categories and anticipate reaching £100m in turnover by 2020.”

Chris Roberts and Richard Thompson - Pricecheck

Pricecheck International Brand Trading

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