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Prosecco sales out-perform champagne for third year.

For the third year running Prosecco sales have out-performed Champagne sales despite the top two Champagne brands (Moet and Lanson) both recording respectable years.

New IRI grocery sales data from supermarkets, convenience stores, off-licenses and independents illustrate that Prosecco sales reached £338m with sales value growth of 72% in the past year.

The head of beer, wine and spirits insights at IRI UK, Toby Magill, suggested the increasing success of Prosecco is down to it being a cheaper but still an excellent quality alternative to Champagne.

For Champagne to prosper against such a strong alternative, Champagne brands will need to focus on helping shoppers see the value of their premium brands, particularly if they want to fend off Prosecco products as they expand into the premium end of the sparkling wine category.

Source: http://www.conveniencestore.co.uk/news/prosecco-sales-outperform-champagne-for-third-year/523419.article

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