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Regular updates: Tobacco Track & Trace

As you will now be aware new legislation on the Tracking and Tracing of Tobacco products will be introduced on Monday 20th May 2019. From the date of implementation, all Cigarettes and Hand Rolling Tobacco that is manufactured in or imported to the EU will need to be Track and Trace complaint. This means that from this date, all unit packs will be produced with Unique Identifiers (UDI) on the packaging which will need to be scanned at certain points within the supply chain.

As a result, any organisations that store, distribute or sell Tobacco need to register with HMRC for an ‘Economic Operator ID’ and a ‘Facility ID’ for each premises used to sell or store Tobacco products should they wish to continue to store, distribute or sell Tobacco within the EU after 20th May 2019. In order to become Track and Trace compliant, new equipment and software will need to be purchased and integrated into your supply chain management system for your depot/s, which will enable you to scan product and record sales in line with the legislation.

Register for your Economic Operator ID and Facility ID (Wholesalers & retailers)

Wholesalers and retailers will be able to register for their Economic Operator ID using the below link from Tuesday 30th April. Please note, without registration an organisation will not be able to purchase Track and Trace Tobacco products on or after 20th May 2019.

HRMC Registration: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/selling-and-storing-tobacco-products

Ensure you are Track & Trace Compliant (Wholesalers)

Funding will be provided for wholesalers to cover the cost of the equipment required. Wholesalers that wish to apply for funding need to register using the SGS On Track Portal below.

SGS On Track Portal: https://ontrack.sgs.com/en-US/

For further information Tobacco Track & Trace including the Product coding standards, the claims process via SGS, and a checklist for preparing for Tobacco Track and Trace, please refer to the below presentation from JTI: Tobacco Track & Trace Information (JTI)

We will endeavour to provide regular updates as and when they are made available via this news article and the weekly digital bulletin made available to Unitas wholesale members. For any further enquiries in relation to Tobacco Track and Trace, please contact Jim Brown, Senior Trading Controller, Unitas Wholesale on: jim.brown@unitaswholesale.co.uk or 01302 2560557

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