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Sugar cuts in soft drinks category

With the sugar debate gaining more and more interest and demand on the government to impose a sugar tax mounting, it’s no surprise that manufacturers of high sugar content goods are doing what they can in order to safeguard their future.

Last week soft drinks manufacturers announced they are in fact leading the way in cutting down the sugar content of their drinks in response to the growing concerns over childhood obesity.

Kantar Worldpanel figures tell us that although soft drink sales have actually increased since 2011, the contribution the category has made towards consumers’ sugar intake has significantly decreased. This proves the point that manufacturers are attempting to make sugar cuts whilst still being able to increase overall sales volume.

The statistics

The figures tell us that in September 2011 the soft drinks category accounted for 10.1% of take home sugar intake but 4 years later in September 2015 this has fallen to 8.8%. It’s not all good news however, the figures also tell us that:

  • Contribution from confectionary risen by 9%
  • Contribution from biscuits risen by 7.4%
  • Contribution from bread and morning goods risen by 8.6%

The Health Select Committee report ‘Childhood Obesity Brave and Bold Action’ released just this week calls for the government to impose a 20% tax on full sugar soft drinks – something that, whilst is perhaps necessary, fails to take into account other high sugar content categories.

Source >> The Grocer

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