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SWA Conference: Wholesale evolution is necessary

Asim-Sarwar‘Wholesalers must evolve.’ The message from Scottish Wholesale Association (SWA) President Asim Sarwar was clear at the SWA’s annual conference in Crieff in June.

Asim Sarwar gave a rousing speech to an audience of industry leaders from across the UK, where he highlighted the need to work with suppliers to provide for customers.

He said: “It’s about understanding what our members’ customers want – whether they are retailers, caterers or other hospitality providers. “We can do that by working more closely with our suppliers and indeed there are many great examples of where this is already happening.”

“The wholesale industry in Scotland has evolved and you don’t need me to remind you that our political landscape in the past year – and particularly in more recent weeks – has changed beyond recognition.”

Today’s Group member, Asim Sarwar, Managing Director of Glasgow-based United Wholesale (Scotland), congratulated the Association on its current strength but made it clear that increasingly strong relationships with more suppliers would help it prosper.

“We still need to engage with those suppliers with whom we have no relationship,” he commented, “those suppliers who are not currently members, and others who are members but for whatever reason have not had an opportunity to really get beneath our skin and become involved with our activities.”

Regardless of the unsettling economy, Asim Sarwar remains positive about the industry and its future.

He said: “Companies are investing, taking on more staff and very much looking to the future – and that’s great news for the economy.”

Congratulating a number of Today’s and SWA members for their recent investment, including J W Filshill, Fáilte Foods and United Wholesale (Scotland), Asim Sawar summarised: “If anyone thinks Scottish wholesalers are being complacent and reluctant to take risks, think again!”

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