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Tobacco Update! What you need to know about the Tobacco Display Ban and updates on the Plain Packaging Vote…

Tobacco Display Deadline for Retailers 6th April 2015

The tobacco display ban legislation requires that all tobacco products displays must be screened from the public. It is the retailer’s responsibility to ensure that the correct changes are made before the laws come into effect. Failure to do so is a criminal offence and penalties for a first offence could be a £5,000 fine, 6 months in prison, or both.

It is crucial that all retailers selling tobacco products ensure that they are aware of the new legislation and have taken the appropriate action to comply with the new legislation.

Retailers should talk to their tobacco sales reps for advice or help if in any doubt. JTI, Imperial, BAT and PMI are all there to help you and if one of those Suppliers run your tobacco gantry then they may already be helping. However do not leave things too late.

Source: Asian Trader, 16 January 2015


Tobacco plain packaging vote to take place before May’s General Election

The Government is reported to have fast-tracked a vote on plain packaging for cigarettes to take place before the May General Election.

A law introducing plain packaging could come into force across England and Wales as soon as 2016 if MPs are asked to vote this spring.

This announcement follows a prolonged period of public consultations on the issue, which medical specialists and health campaigners claim would save thousands of lives. Backed by the Public Health Minister Jane Ellison, the move is likely to continue to gain widespread public and political support.

Labour have pledged to ban images on cigarette packets if they win power at the General Election, with the SNP, LibDems and Greens among others committed to vote ‘for’ the ban.

The vote, which has already gained preliminary support across Westminster, could cause contention with the cigarette industry, which opposes the move, resulting in a potential legal challenge.

The Institute of Economic Affairs, has suggested that such action would be a ‘gross infringement of the right of companies to use their trademarks and design their own packaging.’

Many in the wholesale and retail sector criticise a move to plain packaging, which would result in huge changes, extra work and expense for an already heavily regulated product.

If passed, the legislation would apply to England and Wales – Welsh MPs voted to accept any Westminster legislation on the issue last year, however Ms Ellison hopes that the other devolved administrations in Scotland and Northern Ireland would follow suit.

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