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Today’s wholesalers beat tough trading conditions to sustain Top 30 rankings

Today’s Group’s members Dhamecha, HT & Co Drinks, United Wholesale, Elbrook and J W Filshill have survived tough trading conditions to maintain their positions within the top 30 wholesalers in the UK.


Managing director of Today’s Group Bill Laird said: “This is a great indicator of the resilience of our wholesalers. There are other members who are just bubbling under the top 30 whom I expect to see in the list in a few years’ time.”

The group’s largest member Dhamecha reported sales of £585m, up 3.6% from the previous year, helping the London-based cash & carry to maintain its position at number 13.

“Industry experts warned a few years ago that the rise of online ordering would see the demise of the cash & carry”, said Laird, but Dhamecha proved the marketplace wrong. “The business has grown by understanding customers’ needs and making this a priority from top to bottom.”

Mitcham-based Elbrook Cash & Carry moved up a place to 27 after reporting sales of £143m, up 10% compared with the previous year.

According to Laird, diversification will become increasingly important for wholesalers looking to grow sales and Elbrook, along with other Today’s members, are ahead of the pack: “The good operators keep investing into their businesses – refurbish, expand and diversify.”

Meanwhile, licensed specialist HT & Co Drinks reported sales of £222m and Scotland’s United Wholesale hit £203m, helping both wholesalers to maintain their positions at 18th and 19th, respectively.

For Today’s Group retailers, the news is also positive: “These wholesalers’ customers have aligned themselves to suppliers that are resilient, forward-thinking and will be around for the next generation,” said Laird.

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