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Top Twitter Tips for Wholesalers

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Over 21% of the world’s internet population uses Twitter every month; this offers a huge opportunity for wholesalers to communicate with their potential and existing customers via the social media site.

Twitter is a quick and easy way of communication, allowing you to get your message across and advertise all your best deals. We have compiled a list of top tips to make Twitter work for you and your business.

Getting Started 

Create a company account under your company’s name – it is best to tweet from a company account rather than a personal one. This way tweets can be focused solely on the company and the news that it has to offer.

What to Tweet? 

An important aspect of your Twitter account is to keep followers and customers informed of all your latest deals and discounts, information of your products (particularly own-label ones!), and any trade days or exhibitions that you have coming up. These are the basic types of tweets that you should provide.

Engaging Followers 

As well as offering basic information on your company’s Twitter account, it is important that you engage with your followers in other ways; for example you could write entertaining or humorous tweets. You could choose to offer recipes and food advice – a useful but appealing way of promoting products available in your depot.

Time Saving 

It doesn’t take a genius to work Twitter and you don’t need to appoint a member of staff to specifically work on your Twitter account every day; you can use tools such as TweetDeck which allow you to write a number of tweets, stack them up in advance and then send them out at your chosen set times.


Your competitors are able to see your tweets and you are able to see theirs – even if you don’t follow each other; but this isn’t a bad thing! In fact it can be used to your advantage. You can shout out about your competitive deals, impressive products and awards that you have gained – a great way to excite existing customers as well as attracting new business.

Customer Response 

Twitter is a great way of communicating with your customers; it is a simple way to deal with customer feedback, respond to any complaints or suggestions and therefore increasing customer satisfaction. Interaction is key!


Twitter is a useful way of sharing instant news with your members and making them feel involved and valued. You can tweet relevant and suitable news stories – such as information on the illegal alcohol and tobacco trade and updates on duty fraud. The Today’s Group Twitter account offer ‘top retailer tips’ -a great way to engage with its retailer followers!

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