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Unitas Wholesale launches NEW retailer campaign: Champion Brands Event!

Unitas Wholesale is launching a new retailer campaign for 2019, Champion Brands Event. The initiative provides retailers with the opportunity to benefit from competitive prices on leading brands, and to buy a complete solution for specific selling occasions.

Independent retailers will soon be able to access exclusive seasonal deals and prize draws in selected Unitas Wholesale member depots, helping them to maximise profits at key retail occasions, starting with the ‘Summer Drinks & Snacks’ Champion Brands Event from Monday 3rd June.

Unitas Wholesale Marketing Controller, Anita Oakhill said “We developed the campaign to help customers of Unitas Wholesale members to maximise their profits seasonally, while giving them the opportunity to win great prizes during each campaign, starting with a £500 travel voucher when we are focusing on ‘Summer Drinks & Snacks’.”.

Champion Brands Event themes:

Summer Drinks & Snacks
Big Night In
Britain’s Favourite Brands
Energy Drinks

Retailers can keep up to date with the latest Champion Brands Event offers by downloading the free Plan for Profit app, and full details of the latest campaign and prize draw will be available at www.unitaswholesale.co.uk from Monday 3rd June.

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