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Unitas Wholesale Nominated for FWD Gold Medal Award

Unitas Wholesale is excited to have been nominated for the FWD Gold Medal Award for Digital Innovation for the second year running. The award recognises wholesalers that are leading the way through digital initiatives and the Unitas Wholesale Picture Portal has been highlighted as one of three leading digital developments in the sector.

Picture Portal is a highly cost-effective way to scale up compliance checks in-depot and in-store, and deliver intelligent reporting. It uses image-sharing technology (via mobile phones) that the majority of smart technology users are already familiar with and in the absence of easy access to PCs, users can submit information at any time of the day. Users take and share images of execution in quick time to prove ‘compliance’, which allows stakeholders to see (and verify) exactly what is happening in store and/or in depot.

Picture Portal allows us to check that NPD has reached retail outlet on time and displayed to coincide with planned TV advertising, and check that negotiated promotions have been executed through the supply chain to reach the shopper.

It can be introduced for specific short-term campaigns (eg NPD launches) or implemented for longer continuous activity checks. A digital sales force has been created to monitor (and reward) compliance. The solution is scalable, insightful and flexible.

For further information on the FWD Gold Medal Awards visit: http://www.fwd.co.uk/events/fwd-gold-medal-awards/

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